6 Weeks of Daily Blogging

I already wrote a summary once about my daily blogging experience after the first week. Now more time has passed and I wanted to write another summary. I have blogged every single day for the past 6 weeks and I plan to continue doing so till my 90 day challenge is over. After that I am probably reducing my blogging activity to a few posts a week.

Writing a blog has become a part of my routine, and it is an engaging thing to do. I only wish that I had started this earlier. There are also a few benefits from the business side of my startup, Datazenit, because this blog drives a lot of traffic to it. Our beta list subscriber count has almost doubled during the past weeks because of these blog posts. It is exciting to watch how each article attracts different kind of visitors and to check which articles have the best conversion rates.


Daily pageviews

Daily pageviews

Stats are fun, and I enjoy doing some noobie data analysis when I finally have some traffic and data. During the past 6 weeks there have been precisely 33,662 visits. That’s more than all my previous blogs combined. Traffic came sporadically, some days were near to just few hundred visitors, while on some more lucky days visitor count reached even 3000-4000.

Most viewed blog posts

As you can guess my audience is mostly technical users interested in software development or server administration. These stats will help me to tailor future blog posts, but I don’t think it will change much how I write, because most of my blog posts are already of a technical nature. The fact that most of my readers are technical users reflects greatly on browser distribution. The most popular browser by far is Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer has less than 1.5% of the total share.

Browser chart

Browser chart

Bounce rate is really high for this blog, and there are several areas I should improve. For some blog posts the bounce is rate is even between 70-90% which is not acceptable. Just recently I added related content to the end of new blog posts, definitely should have done this earlier. Also a sidebar with recent and popular blog posts would be nice, but I am conflicted about this, because I don’t want to change the current layout which I pretty much like. I will experiment a bit and make the decision after I have tried different layouts.

The situation with referrals hasn’t changed much, top sources are almost the same. If you are writing a tech blog and don’t have all of these as your traffic sources, consider checking them out and sharing your content there.

Top referrals

  • reddit.com
  • news.ycombinator.com
  • twitter
  • lobste.rs
  • feedly.com
  • disqus.com
  • stumbleupon.com

More visitors have started coming from organic search results, but the amount is still fairly low - just around 0.67% of total traffic. At least the organic traffic is growing steadily as can be seen in the chart below.

Organic search traffic chart

Weekly traffic from search engines

Overall I am happy about the current state of this blog and it’s clear where to improve (e.g., bounce rate and SEO). I will post another summary in a few weeks. Thanks for stopping by.