Blog like there's nobody reading

Just a few days ago I resurrected this blog from the ashes of recent server migration. Previously it was powered by a Python blog engine called Vellum, but now it is a fully open-source static site generated by Jekyll. All my posts and the site itself can be found in a GitHub repository: lauris/

However that is not important right now. I have a small project in my mind and I want to make a public statement about it to keep myself on the right track. Sometimes I remember the things I have done in the past or the struggles I have had and think why haven’t I blogged about them, because now they seem like a long lost memory which would be interesting to re-read. So I am making a promise to myself that I will blog more often. I will set my current goal to 90 consecutive days, and after that let’s see how it goes. There will be a at least one little post every day about the most important experiences of that day.

All these blog posts will be more or less of a personal nature and I will try to be completely open in my writing. Hence the title – Blog like there’s nobody reading. The content will be mostly written for myself, but I will be happy to hear your thoughts too (I have finally enabled comments on this blog).

I have said it and there’s no turning back now.