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Hi, I’m Lauris Dziļums, a software developer with over a decade of experience in building efficient, scalable and resilient full stack projects. I enjoy using Scala, JavaScript and Rust, paired together with hand tuned PostgreSQL. I’ve also done extensive client work in the good old PHP and MySQL, but am no longer seeking to return to those days :) I’ve worked as backend engineer at several large scale companies including one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, built several startups from ground up and helped others launch their own. I’m also deeply interested in security, pen testing, OpSec, InfoSec and auditing source code.

Among the several startups I’ve co-founded, Datazenit and are my favorites. Datazenit is a web-based database tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL, while is a mobile trading simulator that also teaches the fundamentals of the stock market and finance.

Outside of work, I’m an active cyclist, an avid fisherman, and always working on a fun side project for learning and enjoyment.

Startups and projects:

  • – Mobile trading simulator and interactive school to learn about stock market
  • BitcoinHero – Free Bitcoin trading simulator
  • Datazenit – MySQL and PostgreSQL GUI database tool
  • Sensei Grid – Lightweight data grid library used in Datazenit
  • Awesome Scala – List of awesome Scala libraries
  • Hiburo – Lightweight team management web app (deprecated)
  • – Fastest way to get SSL certificates for a reasonable price (deprecated)

You can contact me via email. I am also on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Instagram.