Weekend with fishes #2

First part. The weekend with fishes has ended and I am back home. Everything went as planned, except maybe for the fish count. I expected it to be somewhere above zero, but at least one of my companions catched three pikes, so I can’t blame the weather, river or something similar. We kept one of his pikes while others received an amnesty. It was a delicious, healthy and fully self-made dinner.

The weather was particularly friendly, and the morning boat ride was even warmer than the previous evening. Autumn is the best season for pike fishing, but it will soon get colder quite rapidly reducing the joy of fishing a little bit. We were lucky enough to catch the last pleasant days of Autumn.

While we were not fishing, Don’t touch the spikes! was played furiously. It is an anger-inducing, mindless and highly addictive game. Better don’t start!

Abava River

Our boat in River Abava