Awesome Scala

Scala is awesome, there is even a proof for that – awesome-scala. 2 months ago I started a list of great Scala libraries, frameworks and tools. The list has significantly grown and improved, thanks to its many contributors. Yesterday awesome-scala reached a small milestone: 1000 stars on its GitHub repository. There are also more than 100 forks and 100 watchers, 153 commits, 38 contributors and 64 closed pull requests.

Awesome Scala GitHub

The most intense debate was about the controversial Scala framework Lift and whether it can be called awesome. People had different views, but it was an interesting conversation and I can understand the points of both camps. In the end the framework was added back to the list.

If you are interested in Scala, check out the list to get a load of useful libraries and frameworks. There is something for everyone: from databases to reactive programming to big data.

Speaking of Scala, Typesafe, the company behind Scala, Akka and Play framework, has just released an interesting case study. What’s it about? Let’s find out in the next blog post.