Sensei Grid v0.1.4

This is the 5th release of Sensei Grid, a simple data grid in JS/HTML. The biggest addition in this release is new row support and handling. This is implemented as an empty row at the end of table. The empty row can be enabled/disabled via configuration setting: emptyRow: false. By default the functionality is enabled.


  • Release v0.1.4 - empty row rendering and handling.
  • Remove debug statement.
  • Throw error when editor is not found.
  • Assure that there is always an empty row at the end of table.
  • Add test for unsaved state of new rows.
  • Add clear cell event and sortable setting that currently has only visual effect.
  • Remove outcommented code in new row spec.
  • Add cell states to grid.
  • Fix empty cell rendering.
  • Fix table heading.
  • Add tests for empty row at the end of table.
  • Enable empty row in the example file.
  • Add support for rendering an empty row at the end of table.
  • Switch example.html to source assets instead of compiled ones.
  • Add secure slack token.
  • Add touch support to roadmap.

git log --pretty=format:"* %s" v0.1.3..v0.1.4