Core testing finished [v0.1.3]

This is another status update for Sensei Grid, an open source project I am working on. As planned yesterday, today all tests were finished for the most important parts of Sensei Grid, and I published a new release - v0.1.3. Today went without any hiccups and I was able to finish testing earlier than expected. Because of that I already started working on functionality regarding new row support - there will be an empty row at the end of grid and it will also introduce row/cell states - saved/unsaved. It seems to be a fairly common and obvious practice.

Overview of development:

  • Bump version to v0.1.3.
  • Move row rendering into a separate method renderRow.
  • Fix backspace shortcut test.
  • Add tests for cell and editor shortcuts.

Generated by a git command: git log --pretty=format:"* %s" v0.1.2..v0.1.3