More testing [v0.1.2]

Today was mostly spent on further testing Sensei Grid. This wasn’t a great day for productivity, because a lot of time was wasted on event binding bugs in Jasmine testing environment (reason: curved_hands.dll). All problems were resolved and testing has been going forward pretty smoothly. I plan to finalize tests tomorrow and start working on new functionality on Friday. First thing in the list - implement functionality for adding new rows.

Overview of development:

  • Add dist files for v0.1.2
  • Fix: replace e.keyCode with e.which for convenience.
  • Add tests for arrow movement.
  • Add dom event tests for outside-of-grid clicks.
  • Add dom events tests.
  • Rename sensei grid wrapper and destroy grid after tests in apiSpec.
  • Add destroy method and default font styles to dist assets.
  • Fix domSpec: destroy editor in afterEach hook and rename wrapper element to
  • Add default font to sensei-grid and editors.
  • Add destroy and unbind methods to grid.
  • Add new row support to roadmap.

Btw this overview is generated by a handy git command: git log --pretty=format:"* %s" v0.1.1..v0.1.2 where v0.1.* are release tags.

Travis Build Passing