Sensei Grid Daily Progress

Today was a big day for Sensei Grid, an open source data grid in JavaScript/HTML I am currently working on. The project reached 2nd place in GitHub’s Trending repository list (1st between JavaScript repositories). GitHub sends out daily emails about new Trending repos and that resulted in even more traffic and followers to Sensei Grid. I was happy to see project’s community growing steadily.

Sensei Grid screenshot

I continued my work on the project and made it available as a Bower package. You can now install Sensei Grid with just one simple command bower install sensei-grid. I also cleaned up the repository, added some basic tests and testing infrastructure. I got confused between countless options for JS project testing, but finally decided to use good old Jasmine with PhantomJS and Grunt. Tests can be easily executed by just running grunt test.

Sensei Grid is now hooked with Travis CI platform and build status is always visible in the file. Check out Sensei Grid at Travis CI. Currently Travis is configured to just run tests, but I will add code hinting and other goodies soon.

Daily development overview:

  • Add build status to README.
  • Add node version to travis configuration.
  • Add grunt installation to travis before_install directive.
  • Add basic test specs and helpers.
  • Add jasmine deps to package.json.
  • Add jasmine test runner to gruntfile.
  • Add .grunt to gitignore.
  • Add white background to custom editor’s select element.
  • Add initial Gruntfile.
  • Add compiled dist assets.
  • Fix references to new dist files.
  • Add global exports to core js files.
  • Add cell padding.
  • Add package.json deps.
  • Add CustomEditor to example file.
  • Move assets to src folder.
  • Add .travis.yml file for CI.
  • Add package.json file for npm.
  • Add proper version to bower.json.
  • Add main files to bower.json.
  • Fix name of package.
  • Add default table styling to the main css to avoid twitter bootstrap dependecy.
  • Remove bootstrap from bower’s deps.
  • Add sub-directories to bower’s ignored paths.
  • Add bower components and bower.json.
  • Cleanup main CSS file.
  • Fix production clause.