Sensei Grid got some traction

Today I was pleasantly surprised when Sensei Grid, an open source project I am currently working on, reached the top of Hacker News’ front page and stayed there for several hours. It resulted in an interesting discussion, huge load of traffic and new followers on Github. The Github repository if currently 3rd in the Trending repo list.

From the discussion I got an insight that there is some room for a new open source data grid and at least few other people shared the same pain I had when trying to find a decent data grid solution.

It was also interesting to see how popularity of Sensei Grid transformed into new beta signups for Datazenit. I suppose that people are interested in a real-world product where Sensei Grid is used.

Update: Sensei Grid was featured in two daily emails from GitHub as a Trending project. The community has grown quite a bit and the development has just started to gain momentum.