Sensei Grid Daily Overview

I promised to post updates on Sensei Grid development and here goes a daily progress overview. For those who do not follow this blog – Sensei Grid is an open source grid editor in JavaScript/HTML. More info in a previous blog post.

  • Add public data api and usage examples. (9 hours ago)
  • Fix console.groupEnd for data api examples. (9 hours ago)
  • Add example for editor:load event. (10 hours ago)
  • Add cell:select event. (10 hours ago)
  • Add current date to example data grid. (10 hours ago)
  • Fix comma in example. (10 hours ago)
  • Add event handling examples. (10 hours ago)
  • Fix code style according to IntelliJ inspections. (10 hours ago)
  • Add roadmap to README. (11 hours ago)

The biggest change of today is newly added public data access methods: getData, getRowDataByIndex, getRowData, getCellDataByIndex, getCellDataByKey and others. Example usage can be found in example.js file.