Sensei Grid Roadmap

I am currently working on Sensei Grid, a data grid in JavaScript. Every meaningful project, especially an open source one, needs a roadmap and clear goals. In a previous blog post about Sensei Grid I wrote about the goals, now I will share a small roadmap for upcoming releases.

  • Tests and full coverage
  • Event callbacks (e.g., save, load, render, move, sort) for an easy extensibility
  • Field types (e.g., string, int, date, float)
  • Example editor for specific field types (a simple datepicker for date field and similar examples)
  • Optional column definition (if the structure of data is simple, assume default column settings)
  • Firefox compatibility issues (there are currently some issues with table rendering in Firefox)
  • Configuration parameters for grid
  • Column sorting (not sure about this just yet)

You can follow the development of Sensei Grid at GitHub or check out a demo - Sensei Grid demo. The library is part of Datazenit open source initiative.