First public release of Sensei Grid

In previous articles (#1, #2) I have mentioned and showcased a small demo of an open source library I am currently working on - Sensei Grid, a simple data grid in JavaScript. Today I cleaned and re-structurized the project, refactored some core classes and published it on GitHub. It is still under active development, but I have a clear plan and goals for the project because it is an essential part of my startup – Datazenit. Check out Sensei Grid at GitHub.

Initial goals for Sensei Grid

  • Simplicity: Sensei Grid will be a single purpose data grid without unrelated functionality.
  • Small code base: I will try to avoid bloatware and dirty workarounds/hacks as much as possible to keep the code base small and tidy.
  • Extensibility: Even though Sensei Grid will be kept simple, it will be simple to add additional functionality by extending the core grid and editor.
  • Constant development and maintenance: As I previously wrote my belief is that active maintenance is a very important aspect of an open source project. Sensei Grid is part of Datazenit and that means it will be constantly developed and used.

I will post development progress and updates in this blog and my twitter account.

Sensei Grid sketch