Educational YouTube channels

What better way is there to entertain yourself for a short while than to watch educational, scientific or just plain interesting YouTube channels? I usually watch them while having a lunch by myself or when I am totally bored and don’t want to do anything else.

  • Vsauce by Michael Stevens. Vsauce is my favorite pick of all YouTube channels. I really enjoy the method of delivery, topics and quality of videos. Vsauce mostly features scientific topics, but earlier there was also a mix of gaming and technology related themes.

  • Veritasium by Derek Muller. An educational science channel covering a wide variety of scientific topics. The videos also feature interviews with field experts and science experiments. Some of the videos seem to be targeted to a general audience thus making them a bit too dumbed down.

  • CGP Grey. CGP Grey’s videos are mostly fast paced explanations of different topics like geography, history and internet. I like the pace because it holds the attention at all times and it doesn’t feel like wasting too much time.

  • MinutePhysics by Henry Reich. Short, educational videos that explain various physics-related topics. Most videos are around one minute in length and are great for a quick dose of knowledge. The goal of MinutePhysics is “to get people excited about learning”.

  • Numberphile by Brady Haran. As you could guess this channel produces interesting videos about numbers and mathematics. Doesn’t sound too interesting? Well, there is only one way to find out…